!!** VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This website provides details only for the 30 Minute Dare special event at the School District 13 Haunted Attraction… The 30 Minute Dare is an “add-on” at the School District 13 Haunted Attraction. Please visit http://schooldistrict13.com for more information about the four haunted houses (Prom Night Massacre, Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop, Dr. Doom’s Science Room, the Detention Fields) and other activities at the School District 13 Haunted Attraction.


*Please note that the 30-Minute Dare is a special event at the Old Brule School. This event takes place during the School District 13 Haunted Attraction in late October. Special policies apply to the 30-Minute Dare that differ from the policies involved in Ghost Hunting at the Old Brule School.

Are there refunds if I cancel my ghost hunt/paranormal investigation at the Old Brule School?
If you cancel your paranormal investigation 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled date, we’ll issue a 100% refund. Investigations canceled less than 2 weeks in advance will be issued a 75% refund.There are no refunds for no-shows.

If I’m not a member of an official paranormal investigation team, can I still book an investigation/ghost hunt?
Yes! Absolutely! But please keep in mind that you are responsible for providing your own equipment for the investigation/ghost hunt.

Do you book more than one ghost hunting group per night at the Old Brule School?
No, when you reserve time in the boiler room/coal shed, your paranormal group will be the only paranormal team in the building.

Is there a minimum age requirement for ghost hunts/paranormal investigations?
Yes. Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent. Anyone attending a paranormal investigation must be 15 years of age or older.

What areas of the Old Brule School will I have access to?
You’ll have access to the boiler room and the coal shed. These rooms are adjacent to each other and connected by a door.

Will I have to fill out a waiver?
Yes, everyone who does a paranormal investigation is required to fill out a waiver.

Can I bring cameras, digital recorders, and other paranormal investigation equipment?
Yes, definitely! Be sure to bring your own equipment and take it with you when you leave. The Old Brule School is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

What can’t we bring to the Old Brule School?
We ask that you use common sense! Please leave alcohol and weapons at home. Alcohol and weapons are not permitted inside the building. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or in the north lot (due to the risk of fire during certain times of the year). Smoking is, however, permitted outside on the street.

How should I dress for my paranormal investigation?
There is no heating or air conditioning in the boiler room and coal shed, so dress appropriately for the season. The floors are cement and they are uneven. We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes.

When should I arrive for my ghost hunt?
Arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled paranormal investigation to fill out paperwork. Our staff will greet you on the east side of the Old Brule School Building in front of the dog-ear wood fence at 714 State Street in Brule, NE. All set-up and breakdown of equipment must take place between 6:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

Where should I park?
Park on the streets that run north and east of the Old Brule School.

Is there a place where my paranormal investigation team can set up before an investigation?
Yes. Our staff will direct you to Base Camp where you can plug in and recharge your devices. Please be aware, there is no WiFi at the Old Brule School.

Is there electricity available from my paranormal investigation at the Old Brule School?
There is limited electricity available at Base Camp. Breaker boxers will not be accessible during paranormal investigations at the school. Tripped breakers will remain off for the duration of the investigation.