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There were secrets behind the closed doors in this small Nebraska town. What happened in the shadows, when no one was looking? These were secrets that were buried for years until John and Jennifer Shipp renovated the Old Brule School, uncovering the darkness and the fear that lives on the building.

Psychics have told the Shipps that the souls of students past still visit the building. Many of them come and go, but some of the souls are trapped. These souls make their presence known whenever there are major renovations taking place at the Old Brule School. They’re mischievious, burning out lightbulbs (up to 10 at a time) or stealing things like tools or trinkets. Sometimes the beds shake. And the Shipps have often heard the disembodied voice of a little girl laughing. Most of these paranormal events take place on the bottom level of the building.

On the 3rd floor, a male ghost regularly “checks” in to make sure everything in going smoothly. The Shipps have seen this ghost a number of times. He wears a white shirt and he leans into the rooms through the doors. The ghost of a librarian, rang the doorbell 3 times during her funeral at the school. On the same day, before they knew about the funeral, the Shipps were all startled by the silhouette of a person standing at the top of the stairs just outSecurity cameras on 3rd floor often capture strange anomalies at random times when there is no one in the building.

But THE MOST HAUNTED ROOM at the Old Brule School is undoubtedly the boiler room and the old coal shed. These two rooms, located in the bottom level of the building, have an energy that’s hard to ignore. Girls panties were found buried in the back room of the coal shed under some trash. The negativity in the coal shed is particularly insidious. What happened in that far back room of the school, behind closed doors where no one could hear?

When the Shipps first moved into the building, the door leading into the boiler room would lock unexpectedly. When they built shelves in the boiler room, the shelves fell more than once (without explanation). Electronic items malfunction or lose power in the boiler room. Shadow people have been reported as well as the sounds of disembodied voices.




Boot Hill Cemetery – open 24 hours/day

Located at the corner of West D Street/Parkhill Drive and 10th Street in Ogallala, NE (about 10 minutes from the Old Brule School). Boot Hill Cemetery is situated on top of a small hill on the northern edge of the city. This cemetery is the final resting place for outlaws and pioneers who tried their luck settling in Ogallala. Read about how the people buried at Boot Hill died to learn more about why this is such a haunted location.